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Vishwashanti Apartments


The Property

Tucked away in an unbeatable location, this gorgeous property is just waiting to be enjoyed by the right homebuyer. With stunning design and modern luxury, you’re sure to enjoy this breathtaking home, which includes ample space for all your living needs. Provide your information in the form below if you’d like to receive more information or schedule a tour.

Property Amenities

Everything You Need

Other Shops

24 x 7 Clean, Running Water

A Great Advantage

With this special amenity, you won’t have to settle for living in a home that doesn’t include everything you deserve. Enjoy a well-designed home that was built with your highest comfort in mind.

Large Windows

For Your Convenience

Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t regret picking a property with this key amenity, which is often the first thing noticed during tours. Schedule your own showing today to experience for yourself.

Property on the Road

Key Feature

It is important to have essential needs nearby, which you will have, right in the building. Our apartment features two shops, providing you with the BEST elements available!

​2 BHK Apartment Discount Pricing

Contact using the form below for more info ⬇️*

*Registration fees + other charges apply.

Available in 1000 sq. ft. with 2 balconies.


1 BHK Amenities

Everything You Need

FIVE (5) Balconies

Half of the balconies' area is FREE!

CCTV Camera

Surveillance (CCTV) Cameras

For your Protection

Modern Architecture

1 BHK Apartment Pricing

Contact using the form below for more info ⬇️*

*Registration fees + other charges apply.

Available in 660, 675 and 710 sq. ft.


Negotiable price available. Contact seller (contact information below) to buy them.

These shops are very good for a particular type of commodity, in which you can earn more than ONE LAKH RUPEES PER MONTH if your shop runs well! It is on the sub-roadside, with all the necessary facilities that a shop would have. It is also close to a newly constructed hospital of Ambernath near Green City Road, which will bring more demand to your store.

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Plot 4 and 5, Opposite Motiram Pride, B-Cabin Road, Ambernath East, Thane District, Maharashtra, India, 421501

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Balcony View

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